Risk Management

Agroxon actively and continually manages all critical business risks

Risk is inherent in our business, but it also brings opportunity.

We recognise that it is important to manage risk effectively across all aspects of our business.

Rigorous Risk & Opportunity Management is essential for corporate stability, sustaining our competitive market position and long term performance.

Risk &  Opportunity Management is embedded into all aspects of our business through a structured management process that establishes a common methodology of Identifying, Assessing, Treating and Monitoring risks.

Following objectives drive Agroxon approach to risk management:

  • Having a culture that is risk aware and which is supported by high standards of accountability at all levels
  • Achieving a truly integrated risk management approach, where risk management forms part

    of all key organizational processes

  • Supporting more effective decision, making through better understanding and consideration of risk exposures
  • Improving stakeholder confidence and trust
  • Enhancing companies efficiencies and resilience
  • Enabling the companies responsible bodies to fulfil their governance and compliance requirements
  • Make use of credit risk mitigation instruments in the execution of our marketing activities as appropriate